David Villa Official Website http://davidvilla7.es Mon, 01 May 2017 02:22:04 +0200 www.davidvilla7.es es VILLA SCORES FROM 50 METERS IN THE VICTORY OF NYC /noticias/noticia_1427/ 17/04/2017
The season has just begun in MLS and David Villa has already scored one of the goals of the year. It was in Philadelphia, in the victory of the NYC by 0-2 and is already  history in the championship. Jack Harrison overtook Vieira\'s team on the scoreboard by beating Blake with a good cross. With 90 minutes played, the citizens could scored the second goal. Villa received the ball in own field and, after haggling two players surprised Blake with an unstoppable Vaseline from 50 meters.It is the most distant goal scored in MLS since 2012 and El Guaje explained it as follows: \"I saw that the goalkeeper was out of the area and that i could not compete with the two defenses i had next to, besides I was just because my teammates were all behind, so I tried it. It\'s definitely one of the best goals I\'ve ever scored\"]]>
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VILLA ASSISTED THE TWO GOALS IN NYC VICTORY /noticias/noticia_1426/ 03/04/2017
David Villa left for one day his striker rol to be the assistant of the match. The Spanish was again a key piece for the citizens this time handing out goal passes against San Jose Earthquakes.The first key momment arrived at 10 minutes, when Vieira\'s team was losing 0-1. El Guaje received on the edge of the area and with a subtle heel left the ball for Harrison, who crossed for the tie.The other decisive appearance of number 7 arrived in the minute 67. A great performance of the New York City attack with a new heel of Villa finished with the final 2-1 by Thomas McNamara.]]>
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VILLA SCORED A BRACE IN A BIG WIN FOR NYC /noticias/noticia_1425/ 13/03/2017
The MVP of the MLS scored his first brace of the season against D.C. United. It was also the first victory of New York City, which had started with defeat against Orlando City.A great  Yankee Stadium with 25,000 fans encouraged the team who started the match with a direct and offensive football. At eight minutes, Wallace scored the first for skyblues after a rebound of the crossbar. In the 28\' arrived the first goal of Villa in the new season.Before the break, Moralez closed the game after a great play of the New York attack that culminated with a shallow right. The second half was all control by Vieira\'s team. Already at the second act, Villa received a pass forward and shot the angle to beat Hamid again.The Spanish striker is already in the top of the ranking of scorers tied with four other players.]]>
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Commanded by Patrick Vieira and with the same or more energy than in the beginning of his career, David Villa starts his third season in MLS on Sunday. The rival will be Orlando City and the objective will be to continue growing individually and collectively in a football in permanent boom.Of the 10 teams that started the MLS in 1996, the figure has been increasing every year to the current 24, with the debut this season of Atlanta United and Minnesota United. The clubs will play a total of 34 games going in their way to the playoffs.With 23 goals and a total leadership squandering, the MLS last season recognized David Villa as the MVP of the season. Together with Andrea Pirlo and without Frank Lampard, the Spaniard will try to improve the semifinals achieved in 16/17. Everything is ready to see David Villa again on the pitch.]]>
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DAVID VILLA STARTS HIS THIRD PRESEASON IN NYCFC /noticias/noticia_1423/ 25/01/2017
The regular season of MLS is near and David Villa is already preparing the new challenge with New York City. It will be the third year and the captain has already publicly shown the ambition with which he faces it: \"Our goal is to fight for MLS. What I love about this league is that at the begining all the teams have chances to win it.\"Villa is already under the orders of Patrick Vieira, who will again direct the road to NYC after a great regular season last year. \"We are lucky to have a coach like Patrick Vieira, his job is serious and demands us a lot. He was one of the main reasons for the improvement we had last year\", said the number seven.]]>
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David Villa celebrated the first anniversary of the Bayamon FC-DV7 with a very special visit to Puerto Rico. The children who participated in the camp for two days were able to test their football skills with the New York City striker. In addition, received the theoretical advices from the top scorer of the Spanish National team.A year after the alliance between Bayamon FC and the DV7 Soccer Academy, Villa made a small balance of this period: \"I am very happy with the results that are happening here every day\".In addition, the NYCFC captain expressed his full involvement with his global academy project: \"We do not rule out opening more academies elsewhere, this is what I want to dedicate after retiring\".]]>
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DAVID VILLA, MVP OF THE SEASON IN THE MLS /noticias/noticia_1421/ 13/12/2016
Don Garber, as the highest commissioner of the MLS, gave David Villa the MVP of the 2016 season. El Guaje receives it in his second season in the league, the highest individual award of the MLS.David Villa led New York City to their first historic appearance in the Playoffs and closed the season with 23 goals and four assists. Villa, along with Bradley Wright-Phillips, has been the most prolific striker in the past two seasons with 41 goals (2015-16).The Spanish striker is on the list of MVP after Sebastian Giovinco, winner last season\'s and Robbie Keane, named best player in 2014.In addition, Villa received a surprisa during the act with a video in which several of his former companions congratulated him for the MVP. Gerard Piqué and Xavi Hernández, of the Football Club Barcelona and the Spanish national team, Koke Resurrection, Gabi Fernandez, Diego Godín and Juanfran Torres, of Atletico Madrid, Pepe Reina, Juan Mata and Rául González Blanco, former teammates in the Spanish team, dedicated to Villa an affectionate words of congratulation.Also Jack Harrison, current player of New York City and Landon Donovan, historical footballer of the MLS and of the American selection of soccer joined the initiative.The New York City striker was visibly excited by the congratulations received from around the world and appreciated it to all who participated in the video.]]>
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DAVID VILLA INTRODUCES HIS NEW ACADEMY IN HONG KONG /noticias/noticia_1420/ 12/12/2016
Kitchee proudly announces today that the Kitchee Academy will partner with David Villa to enhance its youth development program. Villa’s DV7 SoccerAcademy will in the future provide the football curriculum for the Kitchee Academy. The curriculum will be updated in regular intervals to include modern and up-to-date football concepts and teaching material. This will enable the Kitchee youth coaching staff to provide a weekly or monthly systematic syllabus to the young footballers, so that the young players will gain exposure to a modern training methodology from more advanced football countries. The goal is to develop these young players to lead Hong Kong football to a higher level in the future. Villa, who named as the MLS MVP of the Season, was a World Cup Champion and the all-time leading scorer of the Spanish national team. During his impressive football career, he was coached by many great tacticians, including the likes of Josep Guardiola, Diego Simeone, Luis Aragonés and Vicente del Bosque. Combining his playing experience at the pinnacle of club and international football, with the youth coaching methodology originated from FC Barcelona, Villa has designed the DV7 Academy curriculum, with the Technical Director of the DV7 Soccer Academy, Josep Gombau, to offer a uniform playing style, as well as providing young playerswith the chance to develop individual skills,enhance vision and decision-making skills in matches in various stages of their football development.The focus of this cooperation is beyond simply the provision of a static (even though world-class)curriculum. The partnership aims to develop a vibrant pathway to transfer modern football knowledge and training methodology from more advanced football countries to Hong Kong. The foundation of the partnership is the adoption ofthe DV7 curriculum by the Kitchee Academy. More importantly, through the partnership, Kitchee will now receive regularly the latest football knowledge from advanced football countries and continues to improve how young players are trained in Hong Kong.Mr. Pedro Garcia, Director of Curriculum and Coaching Education explained, “The DV7 curriculum benefits both students and coaches. Throughout the partnership, we will train local coaches in the best practices, and we will guide them on a daily basis with Kitchee youth coaches at the Academy in order to guarantee the students have been properly equipped to deliver in match situations what they have learned in classes.”Villa expressed his excitement about the partnership with Kitchee. “I understand that Kitchee has been working really hard on youth development, and for this reason, I would like to help them on developing students to become loyal fans of football while at the same time providing the Academy with the best curriculum to developtalents for the future. We will also help players with special talents to optimize their abilities, and to provide them a pathway to become a professional football player\".]]>
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TORONTO MAKES IMPOSSIBLE THE COMEBACK FOR NYC /noticias/noticia_1418/ 07/11/2016
The challenge of the New York City was really big. They had to overcome a 2-0 against Toronto F.C. at Yankee Stadium. The excellent regular season made by Patrick Vieira team was not enough in the playoffs and Canadians gave no option to the comeback.Vieira bet on Lampard and Pirlo to lead the midfield, but one loss of Jack Harrison meant the 0-1 by Giovinco. Former Juventus player made the 0-2 and Altidore scored the third goal before the break.Jonathan Osorio and again Giovinco took care of closing the scoring in favor of Toronto F.C. This meant the end of the dream for NYCFC, who saw how two bad games condemned their title options.Villa closed in this way a brilliant season in the MLS. A year has definitely placed him as one of the best players in the championship and a reference to the media level. His 23 goals and leadership on the field have earned him one of the three candidates for MVP of the season.]]>
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NYC FELL 2-0 IN THE FIRST LEG PLAYOFFS /noticias/noticia_1417/ 02/11/2016
It was not the dream night for the New York City debut in the MLS playoffs. After a great regular season, the team came with the favorite rol to the conference semifinal against Toronto F.C. Without Pirlo and Lampard in the starting line of Vieira, was going to be a complicated match for the Citizens.The constant play by local bands favored most occasions. The New York City only disturbed the local goal by Jack Harrison a chance after 80 minutes when David Villa had already been replaced.Citizen inaccuracy of defense led to the first goal in the 83 by Altidore. Rickets scored 2-0 with a shot from the far post. On Sunday Vieira team will try to turn around the tie in their stadium. Yankee Stadium will be essential to keep alive the dream of New York City.]]>
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