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David Villa has become an idol for many football fans due to a successful career in all categories. Born in Tuilla and brought up in the gentle but hard working province of Asturias, ´Guaje´ as he is affectionately nicknamed in the football world, spent his childhood attached to a football. Very few people remember an image of David not kicking a ball.

David always had the support of his family, his father believed he had potential and is a constant and vital support in the footballer’s life.

His first team was Langreo, where he suffered an injury to his right leg and as a result, he began to work on strengthening his left leg. Whether it was out of necessity or perhaps to avoid losing the love he had felt for football since he was a child, this was how he became an ´ambidextrous´ footballer.

His attitude proved positive, but being a discreet and introverted person, home-loving and family orientated, he was quite shy about his success in climbing ladders in the world of football and his repute extended throughout the sporting world.

After Langreo he joined the Mareo School, at only 17 years old. Real Sporting would then become his team and there he played for the Youth team, the reserve B team and finally made his first appearance for the first team during the 2001/02 season.  For two years he defended Sporting’s colours in the Second Division, following in the steps of his idol, Enrique Castro `Quini´.

Real Zaragoza noticed his footballing qualities and signed him up in the summer of 2003.  During his time at Zaragoza, he made his debut for the National team. The now famous chant “Illa, illa, illa, Villa Maravilla” (Marvellous Villa) could be heard at the Romareda stadium during every home game from then on.

Just before the 2005/06 season began, and with numerous offers on the table, ´Guaje´ signed for Valencia CF.  The Club paid the get-out clause of his contract with Zaragoza, set at 12 million euros, and his talent became evident in Spain and in Europe. During that first season he scored 25 goals for Valencia and was the second highest goal scorer in the League. In the following two seasons he scored 15 and 18 goals in League matches.

That season he is moving towards a goal-scoring record, reaching the level of previous Valencia legends such as Kempes, Waldo and Mundo, the latter being the highest goal scorer in Valencia CF’s history.

The 2011-12 season also started on the right foot, but was stoppe unexpectedly on the 15th of December of 2011 in the Club World Cup semifinals. Guaje fractured his tibia and he was forced to say goodbye to the season. In fact, though he worked tirelessly in the recovery, he could not be available to Vicente del Bosque to participate in the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine in 2012.

Villa reappeared with FC Barcelona in August of 2012 and since then, he has been adding games and goals to show that he is once again the lethal striker before the injury. He has also regained his prominence with the ´Roja´ and he is helping with goals his team and the National Team. Another proof of his spirit of excellence and tremendous character, always in the service of his club and the Spanish National Team. 

In the summer of 2013, Guaje has taken another step in his career by signing with Atletico Madrid. More than 20,000 fans were at his official presentation because his arrival has generated a lot of illusion.

The 2013-14 season was amazing for the Asturian striker and Atletico Madrid. The team coached by Diego Pablo Simeone won La Liga and Villa has been one of the star players in the success of Atletico. El Guaje has played 36 of the 38 league games, has scored 13 goals and helped with several goal assists.

In addition, Atletico, in an historic season, played the Champions League final. Villa was starter and completed a good game, but Real Madrid won 4-1 in the extra time.

In this last season, David has played 36 league games, 7 in Champions, 2 in King\'s Cup and two of the Supercopa of Spain. He has scored 13 league goals, one more in King\'s Cup and another in the Supercopa. Definitely a season to remember in which Villa has been important in the team and has felt the affection of all the fans of Atletico.

On 2nd of June of 2014 David Villa makes official a move to New York City. It\'s the beginning of his first challenge outside Spain to play in the Major League Soccer in the United States. The New York City is a newly created team, founded in 2013 by Manchester City and the New York Yankees. A new challenge after over 500 matches in the Spanish football with clubs like Sporting Gijon, Real Zaragoza, Valencia CF, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.


His debut with the Spanish National Team was in Almería on 9th February 2005 in a World Cup 2006 qualifying match. Spain were playing against Ukraine and Guaje scored twice. His inclusion in the National team would then be in no doubt and in Euro Cup 2008 he became a National football idol. Now, he is the top scorer in the history of de Spanish team and has won a World Cup and a Eurocup.


David has been married to Patricia since 2003 and they have two daughters together named Zaida and Olaya and one son, Luca. As a lover of the Asturias countryside and the traditions of his hometown, Tuilla, David is a kind-hearted family man and extremely supportive of those in need.  His humility and warmth is valued by those who support him, his family and friends.
David has a strong sense of comradeship. He is respected in the dressing room and admired by his fans.  He has a high respect for his colleagues in his day to day work and much loved in the football world.


David Villa is a top footballer with technical quality and speed. He has a talent for scoring goals and reading the game quickly. His goal instincts and goal passes are important elements in his eminence as a player who makes a difference.


David Villa

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